Marketing on a Budget

When you first start a business you may not have a lot of capital to spend on your marketing efforts.  Without marketing your business will fail so you need to figure out a way to make your marketing dollars stretch.  Marketing on a budget means getting creative with how you get your brand out there without spending a ton of money.  Here are some creative marketing ideas to get you started.

Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a simple 30 second pitch that generates interest in your product or service.  The pitch needs to succinct yet it must explain who your product serves and why yours is the best without boasting.  Spend time on this and practice, if you do any networking then you will need to get this down pat.

Go Local First

While world domination may be your end goal starting locally will get you started.  It is also a good way to test your market and narrow down your target audience.  By marketing locally first you can establish a foundation for your business and expand from there.

Tap Into Social Media

As a free platform or using social media as paid advertising tool, both can do wonders for your business.  Platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn allow you to laser target your ads to exactly the right audience.  If your budget doesn’t extend to paying for ads then take advantage of groups and local pages to let people know about your products and services is a great way to boost your reach.  Take time to create valuable content not just blurbs about your business.

Work With Others

Working with other small businesses in your area is a great way to extend your reach.  If you are marketing towards other business people then chance are good that so is someone else, work together and you can both benefit.  Work with businesses that complement your but don’t compete with you directly.  For example if you are a roofer then working with a plumber to refer customers to each other can work very well for both of you.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Success doesn’t happen overnight no matter what the gurus say.  Building a business isn’t easy or else everyone would have a successful business.  It takes hard work and you will face setbacks.  The key to success is to plow through them and keep going. With hard work and a positive attitude your business with thrive.